Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Emory Johns Creek Hospital is designed and equipped to allow us to support our patients and families in their most critical times of need. The ICU features large spacious rooms that are able to accommodate overnight visitors at the patient’s bedside and all of our ICU rooms are equipped with special features such as bedside dialysis capabilities.

ICU rooms include rotational therapy beds for patients with compromised respiratory systems, the ability to perform intracranial procedures at bedside, the ability to perform IABP (balloon pump therapies) on hemodynamically unstable patients and patients recovering from cardiac stent or angioplasty procedures, the ability to perform invasive hemodynamic monitoring using PA and RA catheters at the bedside and to perform bedside tracheostomies and other less-invasive surgical procedures. These abilities afford our patients more comfort by reducing the need for constant movement and transport during their stay.