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Second Graders Name Emory Johns Creek Hospital Robot “Bob”! 

Emory Johns Creek Hospital has a new da Vinci® robot, and the second grade students at State Bridge Elementary School have helped us name it – “Bob”! At the beginning of April, the second graders were invited to participate in our “Name the Robot” contest. They colored in pictures of the robot and suggested fun names for it. They also learned how the hospital uses this revolutionary robotic technology for surgery. Johns Creek High School’s Robotics Seminar students chose the winning name for us from among the entries.

The “Name the Robot” contest winner got a behind-the scenes tour of one of Emory Johns Creek Hospital’s operating rooms, and everyone in the winner’s class received a coupon from Chick-fil-A. Prizes were also awarded for the most artistic colorings. Our “Name the Robot” Open House on May 8 was a huge success, complete with juice/cookies and a robot demonstration for the kids. Emory Johns Creek Hospital is honored to have had so much support from the community for this fun event, and we are even more pleased that our new robot now has a name!

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